Monday, October 25, 2010

FAT FREE Bridal and Baby Showers!

Good morning Brides, Moms, and hostesses-to-be!!
I have had the honor of hosting a few beautiful Baby and Bridal Showers in the last decade (I'm 35 now...everyone around me is marrying and laboring! )
And some of my favorite memories regarding showers happen to be good for the figure! And, since this is primarily a women's arena, we care!

During a June shower in 2005, I hosted a summery shower in my backyard. My co-host and I moved a pretty spare couch  into the yard and tied theme-colored ribbons to our big ficus tree. EASY and inexpensive decor from Big Lots or the Second Hand Store....(which also often offers bags of used bridal tulle!)
We had made batches of fat free pistachio and chocolate puddings, used antique ice cream dishes, and topped each with a dollop of light whipped cream and sprinkles. My friend's upcoming wedding was Aqua and Brown, so the individual desserts matched perfectly! Guests went home without having eaten tons of unnecessary summer calories.

Another guilt-less pleasure is JEWELRY! I made beaded and chain jewelry for game winners, and you can probably find crafty talent with one of your invited guests, too! Whether you provide party favors or prizes, homemade sentimental creations succeed every time!! See

Any more fat-free suggestions are welcome!
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May I know what game did you play on that baby shower, I thought it is very funny because those faces on the pictures are smiled.