Saturday, April 18, 2009

‘Saving the Earth, Saving Me’ a Review & Giveaway

This is a great Giveaway from -The Ohana Mama

Ok, going green… Some of the ways I "go green" - I belong to a co-op and get all organic local food for family, use my reusable grocery bags, use all organic & biodegradable cleaning and cleansing products (I actually use and would totally recommend the cherry pit scrub!!) It’s amazing!! I try my VERY best to turn off lights!! Love to walk instead of drive whenever I can and try to spread the word to use a do-it-yourself or drive through carwash instead of washing on the sidewalk as it all goes to the storm drains and out to the ocean!!!

Nate enjoying his organic carrots and broccoli! Ok, that was him at 11mo. and now at 13mo. I have to hide the broccoli in his pancakes!! What happened?! At least he still loves his peas :)

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