Saturday, May 2, 2009

Imprecious Jewelry Review & Giveaway at The Ohana Mama

What a great giveaway!! Mom entrepreneur and artisan Robin Foley owner of Imprecious Jewelry will make an amazing piece of jewlery with your little one's finger or toe print. A toe print is recommended for tots under 18months as their fingers prints have not fully developed. It's such a great idea for Mom's who want to wear something special from their kids, but yet not overly advertise. I do love most jewelry with kids names or birth dates, but I've always hesitated from buying for some reason. Now I know why!! I was looking for something unique and different. Well this certainly can be it! The process sounds easy and fun. You receive a package with all the tools to get your special someone's prints, send back to Robin, and a week or so later you'll receive your personalized jewelry!!

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