Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trial Run for Wedding Hair

Brides2Be - I highly recommend a trial run of your hairstyle before the big day. I had grand plans for my hair to be swept up on my head with loose tendrils and curls. I was getting married on the east coast, but living on the west coast. I decided to have my hairdresser (at the time) practice my idea. Wow! I walked out of the salon looking more like Shirley Temple than a bride with loose flowing hair. Shirley is definitely cute, but her tight ringlets were not what I was expecting! My then fiancee and I flew back to Rhode Island (where we were getting married) a few months before our wedding for another friend's wedding. I immediately booked a hair style with a local hairdresser where I had planned to treat my bridesmaids to either a hair style or manicure. Fortunately for me, she did a fabulous job and I was soooo excited. I went back the day of my wedding and ended up loving my wedding hair! I am so glad that I did a trial run just to see how it went.

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