Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have you ever made a Vision Board?

So here's the question: have you ever made a vision board? If you asked me that about a year ago, I would have had no idea what you were even talking about. For those who were like me, a vision board is basically just a large sheet of poster board (or paper, or cardboard, or whatever you happen to have around) with lots of pictures and phrases cut out from old magazines (finally something to do with those old magazines!) that embody what you want to focus on over the next week, year, 5 years, 10 years, lifetime (you decide!). "They" say that having a reminder of what your goals are in "black and white" (well really color) in front of you ever day can help make those things happen!! I know, again, if you were like me, you would say, "Really? How can that be?" Basically, having those things that you are working towards looking at you every day as a little reminder of what you want can help put things into motion! A girlfriend of mine, Julie (@ddChefMom) with dining-details and now chickpeas told me about this idea last year as she was in the midst of growing her first company. I thought it was a neat idea as I was just getting started with mine, but never went ahead and actually made one.

Well.... Less than a month ago I had the opportunity to make my very own vision board when Angie Swartz (@aaswartz) with the Six Figure Moms Club held their 4th "Annual Making the Most of Your Personal Strategy New Year Kickoff" meeting featuring making your own "Vision" Board. We had a great time scanning, cutting, pasting, chatting, and creating! I really had no idea what to expect and at the end of the evening walked away from the event with my very own glimpse of what was important to me over the next year. I had focused on things such as 1.) a new "big boy" bed for my little man (2yrs.) 2.) continue to eat organic and healthy 3.) stretch daily 4.) more blogging! Well, so far so good. I see my board in the morning and have a little reminder of the things I am working towards. Oh, a week after we did this, we got a boat bed for my son and he loves it! I highly recommend grabbing some scissors and old mags and creating your very own Vision Board.

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Joel said...

I definitely think vision boards help. It's just a little something to keep you motivated and going. Thanks for the post