Monday, August 23, 2010

Introducing... Anna!!

Anna's East Coast "neighborhood"...Granville, Vermont.

Hi All, I'd like to introduce my good friend Anna Warner who is joining the Registry Bingo Team!!  I'm so excited! :) Anna is a super creative, fun loving person and is going to bring tons of experience to the team!  She loves to dream, design, create, discover, learn, help, make, and do everything!!!!  You'll be hearing lots from her on this blog related to all sorts of great topics from babies, crafts, shower decorations and games to outdoor activities, recycling, jewelry making and more!

She designs amazing new and "recycled" jewelry from your "junk jewelry" (jewelry that you are not exactly ready to let go, but want a fresh look).  Check out her website: Goldierocks Jewelry to see for yourself!!  She's a mom to her little man Hudson and a wife to her loving partner Kim.  They live in San Diego, CA and have a "home away from home" in a town off the beaten path in Grandville, VT where they can chill out and get back to nature.  We look forward to hearing from you Anna!!!

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